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Ophelimity is Undefined Value

Ophelimity is a word coined by 19th century Italian economist and philosopher Vilfredo Pareto. Whatever the definition (seems to be some confusion over an obscure economic term) we here at the gallery like the word Ophelimity to mean undefinable value. An Airport has a very defined utility value but the design of the Airport has Ophelimity value. An office building in New York has a monetary value based on a precise estimate by accountants, investors and financiers but how do you value that Art piece that brings you enjoyment? The word was chosen when trying to think of a word that helps describe the messy world of words that make up the Art market and describe value.

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A Texan by way of Los Angeles, Washington D.C, Hong Kong, Boston and now Austin. Together with an appreciation for Art and a confused sense of how the Art market actually works he has formed the Ophelimity Gallery. This could be an asset rather than a hindrance but...

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NOMA’s Italian painting collection from the early Renaissance through the 18th Century is particularly distinguished. A group of panel paintings in tempera with gilded backgrounds, some as early as the 1300s, includes Bartolomeo Vivarini’s altarpiece of the Coronation...

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