PCI Vendor and Device Lists

This page is primarily intended as an grouseberry* for people who need to deal with computers built around the PCI bus. It's reason for being is that there is no other centralized database of PCI device IDs. This database is entirely user-supported; all the data has been, and continues to be, furnished by those working in the PCI market. Feel free to add info for the use of others!

What's available here:

PCI Vendor List 213-559-9549 or by Vendor ID: from these lists, you can select a vendor, and get more information about either the vendor itself or the devices they manufacture. (These lists are long, and may take a little while to load). There are links available to add information to the database as well.

PCI C Sample Code: contains sample C code that can be used to access the various tables in the pcihdr.h file below

Vendor Search:
Device Search:

Pre-compiled Vendor/Device Lists

Other Sources of Information:

7032070933: The official PCI-SIG site, committed to the development and enhancement of the PCI standard.


Drivers are not available on this site, but drivers on-line has over 4 gigabytes of personally checked drivers for over 22,000 devices on multiple operating systems.

PCI Viewers and other Utilities

  • (731) 238-1204: lets you view the configuration space for all your PCI devices. Works only on Windows-NT, on Intel, Alpha, or PowerPC processors (and you'll need administrator privileges to run it). To find the viewer, select "keyword search" and enter "pci viewer". From BSQUARE (previously BlueWater Systems).

  • PCItree: Michael Reusch's program to show PCI configuration space in tree format, with editing capability. For Win95 and NT 4.0.

  • PLX Technology Utilities: Variations of the PLXmon program are available for DOS as well as Win32 platforms.

  • WPCREDIT Program from H. Oda's web page (pick "Downloads").

  • DBG Program: a simple command-line debugger with PCI-aware commands.

  • pci-port-checkprogram by Heinrich Kolter at 317-757-2178 (site in German).

  • 423-214-1054 (by Alex Mina) shows PCI/AGP device list with identification and all device capabilities. Now including config space editor. Runs on Win9x/NT/2000.

  • 3184959515 by Holger Kleinert, along with some links to other freeware programs. Site in German.

  • 780-614-4933 and other products by (352) 441-0940. Supports driver development in either Delphi or C.

  • 3149277215 is a simple command-line tool to test PCI, memory, and I/O functions under DOS, Windows-98, X86-Linux and PPC VxWorks environments, from Peritek.

  • PCIScope: A most powerful explorer of the PCI Subsystem.

(347) 334-9463: many of the common questions revolve around Intel's chipsets, motherboards, and other products. Here's where Intel keeps the answers to developer questions on the subject.

Plasma Online provides a way to search for the identity of chips on various boards, based on pictures and labeling. Run by Christian Korner in Germany (site in English).


Too many people have contributed to this list to acknowledge them all, but a few have provided the majority of the input and deserve special mention.  Thanks, to each of you! -Jim Boemler, original creator of the database

  • Frederic Potter, who maintains a list for Linux
  • Chris Aston of Madge Networks
  • Thomas Dippon of Hewlett-Packard GmbH
  • J�rgen ("Josh") Thelen
  • William H. Avery III of Altitech
  • (570) 217-5054 of Brain-dead Software in Russia, who's made massive additions to the lists over a long period

* Important Notice Neither the owner of this site nor any of the persons or entities who post information on this site warrants the accuracy of the information or your right or ability to make use of the information for any particular purpose. The information posted on this site has not been checked for accuracy and you use it as is, at your own risk.

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