Diagnostics of Migraine

Diagnosis of migraine is based on a detailed analysis of the anamnesis and clinical picture of the disease, as well as on the exclusion of other possible causes of headache. There are no absolute clinical diagnostic features of migraine, as well as no diagnostic

Etiology and Pathogenesis of Migraine

Development mechanisms of migraine are not fully understood. A predisposing factor in the development of the disease is hereditary determined dysfunction of vasomotor regulation. Approximately 70% of patients with migraine have close relatives with headaches in history. According to modern theories of the origin


Ocular migraine, which is also defined as atrial scotoma or migraine with aura, is a disease, the symptomatology of which is limited to the periodic disappearance within a certain field of view image. It is noted ocular migraine patients often enough, and although the

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Stretching of blood vessels is presumably one of the reasons for migraine pain. This is well shown in experimental studies of Graham and H. G. Wolff, who showed that the sensation of pain is caused by stretching of the cerebral arteries. This explains the

Assistance for Migraine Headache

Migraines are attacks of throbbing intense headache, often localized in the orbit. Usually the pain is unilateral. From attack to attack, location of pain may vary. The term “migraine” in Greek means “pain in one side of the head” (hemicrania). Migraine can occur at