Valuate, buy and sell mass customer receivables.


The receivables are valuated through a dedicated algorithm created based on the receivables selling processes conducted by us.


The automated selling proces implemented through the "live" bidding, by means of software used by stock exchange markets, which enables obtaining the best results and increasing the competitiveness of the selling process.


For each selling process we ensure comprehensive support within preparing, conducting and completing the transaction. We share our experience and we take care of the best selling result possible.

Sourcing systems structure

Based on our many years of experience, we create dedicated scoring models for financial institutions, significantly improving the quality of products offered by our clients.


Invest Tool is also a platform within which we implement dedicated processes of securitization. As one of few in Poland, we have practical experience in organizing international securitization processes.

Trans-boundary transactions

We provide access to offers to sell debt portfolios from most European countries. We also provide consultancy services for each of the markets served.

Effictiveness demonstrated in figures

      Over        350 mln

Sold receivables

Max. 50%

Increase in the transaction prices values

       Over          40 

     Potential Buyers      worldwide

Receivables selling process


- Customer's decision on selling NPL portfolio
- Establishing a profile at INVEST TOOL platform
- Sending a file with data concerning NPL portfolio
- Preparing by INVEST TOOL valuation of the portfolio


- The Seller receives a portfolio valuation and a minimal price is determined
- The Seller submits its documentation template or accepts templates available at the platform
- After completing the bidding material and parameters the Seller accepts selling conditions  


- The bidding is published on the platform  
- Invitation e-mails are sent to the buyers     informing on launching a new selling process  
- A period is started for conducting due diligence and asking questions concerning the selling object


- In accordance with the pre-determined date, the possibility of submitting bids is activated 
- Offers are placed in the auction system by way of an auction based on an indication of „%” of the value of the NPL’s portfolio
- A bid is always 1/10 %
- In the event of expiry of the auction period, the auction continues if the Buyers continue bidding and the time between each bid is less than     5 minutes


- The bidding has been closed by accepting the highest bid by electronic means
- Transaction parties conclude an agreement according to the template attached 
- The price is paid by the buyer, data and documents concerning the NPL portfolio are provided
- INVEST TOOL receives a commission for conducting the selling

Advantages of using INVEST TOOL


Dedicated protocol of submitting bids

Each bidder as part of bidding while placing a bid makes use of a solution applied by stock exchange markets; thus information on outbidding reaches all recipients within the same time.


        Security          : as in bank 

Each opened account and then user authentication in the event of forgetting a password is based on the two-stage verification system through SMS and e-mail.


Profiled notification system

Buyers receive notifications on biddings whose profile corresponds to their previously defined expectations which increases the effectiveness of using INVEST TOOL.

Access to INVEST TOOL under preferential conditions

For the first 365 days we want to ensure each Customer with access to the platform under special conditions, so that the investment in the digitalization of the receivables sale processes is cheap, simple and effective. 

Obtain access to DEMO verision

Fill in the form below and receive 14-days' demo access to our Platform.


Access to INVEST TOOL platform in the first year is EUR 99 or an equivalent amount in PLN, both for Sellers and Buyers. Our remuneration is based primarily on a success fee, i.e. a commission determined in %, calculated on the difference between a minimal price indicated by the Seller and a final price obtained in the bidding.

Yes, each seller while setting its bidding receives a selection list with all prospective Buyers. Therefore, if due to any reasons, the Seller wants to narrow the group of prospective buyers, it is possible.

A transaction is regared as concluded after outbidding, at the moment of obtaining a minimal price indicated by the Seller until the bidding is closed.
When a price obtained in the bidding does not exceed a minimal price indicated by the Seller, you will be informed whether the portfolio was sold after obtaining the Seller's binding decision.

Just from the first contact with our Platform a Customer is a main decision-maker within the area of transaction conclusion conditions. Variables such as: indicating a minimal price, determining regulations, agreement template and the duration of the process are up to the Seller.

We enable the Buyers to select receivables easily which are posted for sale as part of their origin and the value of the package. At the same time all the customers receive notifications suitable for their preferences so that they are informed on each transaction stage.

INVEST TOOL ensures the security of transactions implemented by means of the platform in many areas and process stages. Below we present the key aspects guaranteeing the access safety and transaction security :

- Certificate SSL, our Platform makes use of the SSL certificate in order to guarantee safe / coded connection of all the users during using the Platform.

- The two-stage users authentication process, each Platform user in order to log in, in the event of losing a password and attempting to regain it, must perform authentication through entering a code from SMS and using a dedicated link provided in e-mail. Thus, we are sure that the access to the Platform is granted to the registered users only.

- The simulataneous and immediate price correction in the bidding, each selling proces is implemented by means of our form which guarantees the immediate correction of procedures taken in the bidding, by means of the bidding "engine" taken from the model used for the stock market transaction presentation and implementation.

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