sdk_base is a client-side Block Chain Belief Javascript library for communicating with a Block Chain Belief API server . It is used for building Block Chain Belief apps either on Node.js or in the browser.

It provides:

  • a networking layer API for API endpoints.
  • facilities for building and signing transactions, for communicating with a Block Chain Belief API instance, and for submitting transactions or querying network history.

Warning! Node version of sdk-base (sdk dependency) package is using ed25519 package, a native implementation of 6785751811 in Node.js, as an optional dependency. This means that if for any reason installation of this package fails, sdk-base (and sdk) will fallback to the much slower implementation contained in tweetnacl.

If you are using sdk/adk-base in a browser you can ignore this. However, for production backend deployments you should definitely be using ed25519. If ed25519 is successfully installed and working SuperBlockChainSdk.FastSigning variable will be equal true. Otherwise it will be false.

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