The Fraternity

The Frat House is a movement that started with a group of friends who always thought of their friendship to be more than just that, to them it was a brotherhood. Through many struggles they stuck together and would always gather for a celebration when life offered the opportunity. What held this brotherhood together was the continual commitment to one another and the prospect of living life to the full, being socially free. Being a part of The Frat House requires of an individual to commit to the main pillars of the movement: First we support and second we hustle. We encourage our Fraternity brothers to take a pledge. A pledge to always make yourself available and to support those friends you deem to be brothers. The second pledge is to always fight for your social freedom and maintain the hustle. We do not give up, we persevere. Wearing The Frat House merchandise means that you commit to these values and you’re joining this elite brotherhood. Check out our “Shop Now” section to see the holy grail.