Is a co-founder and the managing director of stae, working to give ecology a competitive advantage through technology. John co-founded stae having spent over three years as the first Chief Technology Evangelist, VP of Strategy at DigitalOcean, as it grew to the worlds second largest cloud provider. Prior John worked as Director of Marketing at Myplanet Digital, a 100+ person Design and Technology company based out of Canada.

In 1996 John began what has become a life long obsession with the www. As the co-founder and CMO of Platinum Networks one of the the first ISPs in Northwestern Ontario he built and maintained various IRC networks and through this met the cowyard co-founders spending 4 years as a Director for deviantART's community development team. John then went on to study digital imaging technology at SDVA, and upon graduating became the first managing director of StillMotion. Within the first three years John successfully oversaw the growth of the company from a basement to locations in both the US and Canada, expanding the product and service offerings, and ultimately guiding the company to the win of three Emmys.

John sits on the SDVA Advisory Committee, the Borderland Council for the Arts, Ontario Council for the Arts, as well as advising various startups. He oversaw social communication for Liberal MPs during the Canadian federal election. Because of his startup experience, he also taught business development seminars and workshops on understanding markets, profitability, and organizational management. He is an avid sailor, runner, and loves politics.